Voucher kids ask for help

Washington, D.C. students ask President Obama to save their scholarships.

According to Andrew Coulson, D.C. spends $28,813 per student in district-run schools; the average voucher is worth $6,000.

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  1. Imagine being screwed out of an education by one of your childhood heroes.

  2. Joanne….

    I hope President Obama, Mr. Arne Duncan and, especially Mr. Durbin, the senator from Illinois, who slipped the DC vocher-killing language into the omnibus spending bill currently under consideration in Congress, all get to view this video.

    Why toss these kids back into the public “war zone” schools of DC? Even Michelle Rhee, the head of DC’s public schools, supports the continuation of the DC voucher program.

    Why must politicians yield to the political wishes of the teachers’ unions? The only thing the unions care about is their adult members. The best interests of the children aren’t even on the union radar screens.

  3. Sandi White says:


    How can anyone, watching this video,keep these precious children from going to the schools they now attend,and send them back to the crumbling, decaying, Washington D.C. public schools?

    To do this by bowing down to the teachers unions demands, who think only of themselves, not serving the children they pledge to teach, is nothing short of a crime..

    Listen to what these kids are saying.They love the schools they now attend. They are the future of this country. They need to be in an environment conducive to learning. Why send them back to the “war zone” of the D.C. schools by removing their vouchers?

  4. What a fine job Rhee and the DC mayor have done running the DC public schools.

    This is what you get when you put amateurs in charge.

  5. Charles R. Williams says:

    Prediction: Obama will throw them under the bus.

  6. Mike, the D.C. schools have been dreadful for a long, long time.
    Adrian Fenty took over the system in April, 2007. Michelle Rhee was confirmed as D.C. schools chancellor on July 11, 2007.

  7. That’s nearly 2 years, Joanne. Rhee hasn’t accomplished much outside of pushing for “reforms”, pissing alot of people off, and ignoring the advice of real educators. And no, I don’t count her 2 years of TFA experience for real teaching, she dabbled and she totally lacks the ability and experience to lead a school district. Worse, she’s so convinced she’s right she refuses to listen to anyone who doesn’t agree with her.

  8. Har! The people who don’t agree with her are responsible for a school district that has a per student budget that exceeds that of many tony private schools yet can’t keep the rain out of the buildings let alone educate the kids.

    As for your fever-dream of district superintendents listening to “real” teachers, what do you propose to do? Wave a magic wand?

    District superintendents don’t listen to teachers, teachers listen to district superintendents. Maybe if you decided to grow up a little you’d be able to appreciate an organization chart instead of balling up your little fists and throwing a temper tantrum.

    Teachers are treated as if they’re not important because they’re not important. Teachers are at the bottom of the hierarchy and there they will stay until the structure of public education changes.

  9. Allen,

    The people on the organization chart are some of the very ones who created the mess. Handing over the whole kaboodle to someone with a very minimun of teaching experience, and no management experience, overseen by a politician, is a recipe for disaster on an even grander scale.

    As for throwing a temper tantrum, I think maybe you have confused opinions with anger.

  10. No Mike, those people aren’t the ones who created the mess. The mess is built into the system and it’s only an uncommon set of circumstances that results in anything other then dreary mediocrity.

    That’s why there’s a flurry of excitement about Rhee. She’s obviously smart, obviously tough and obviously capable. Maybe she can do something with a hugely over-funded school district that no one, for a very long time, has been able to do anything with.

    And please, don’t try to pass off your back-seat-driver whining as anger.

    You’re not going to run a public school any time soon and I doubt you’d do it if the opportunity presented itself. Since you’re safe from the scary possibility of ever having to walk the walk why not run your mouth? It’s better then coming to terms with the situation in which you find yourself, right?

  11. The only excitement around Rhee is from the “reform’ crowd, not anyone actually involved in educating the children of DC. Notice how little excitement from teachers there has been for her merit play scheme to get rid of the experience, expensive teachers.

    I’m not angry or whining, just pointing out the flaws in reasoning from clowns who think they know how to improve schools, when in actuality they don’t know jack.

  12. Coming from someone whose idea of “improving” education consists first, and only, of quintupling teacher’s pay the views of the “reform” crowd have the virtue of not being nakedly mercenary.

    And whether Rhee’s a clown or not, your opinions, and the opinions of teachers in general, don’t matter. That’s not a flaw in the system, that’s how the system is built.

    If you want teachers to matter, to have a voice in the direction of public education, it won’t happen under the current, district structure. But you know that which is why you carefully avoid the issue. Your tap-dancing around the issue indicates you wouldn’t change a thing about public education except where it impinges on your paycheck, comfort and fear.

  13. Lightly Seasoned says:

    This is off topic and petty, but I really wish allen would learn the difference between “then” and “than.”