No Act Redefined

Eduwonk has declared a winner in the contest to rename No Child Left Behind. Honorable mentions went to:

Joe Williams for suggesting Caitlin, because everyone is naming things Caitlin these days. The entries “Mind the gap” and “Mental Asset Recovery Plan (MARP)” as well as ”Peter” for two different entries that the judges understandably loved: “We’re Coming For You, Japan (WCFYJ)” and the “Keep Our Daughters Off the Pole Act of 2009 (KODOPA)”, and finally the Hey, Teacher, Leave Those Kids Behind Act also earns a book.

The grand prize winner :  The Elementary and Secondary Educational Excellence Act.

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  1. I know you would never admit it publicly….but tell me, Joanne.

    Does this tell you how dull AR really is? He makes gray look vibrant.

  2. Who is AR?

  3. AR is Andrew Rotherham, the man behind Eduwonk.

  4. Thanks. Never would’ve guessed that one!