It’s the boys, stupid

The U.S. education system posts poor high school and college graduation rates because “the schools are failing boys,” writes Richard Whitmire, who blogs on Why Boys Fail, on Inside Higher Ed.

Given that men are far more likely to major in math and science – a special worry for the technical industries — the chamber should be particularly concerned about men falling behind.

Education reformers aren’t willing to focus on boys’ needs, Whitmire complains. Britain and Australia are doing it.

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  1. Michael Kirst says:

    Last year male bachelor level graduates of college were 42% and females 58%. This issue of low male college attainment has been around for a long time, but there are only theories as to the cause or what to do about it. We need some controlled experiments that provide high quality data.

  2. A great place to start is Dr. Leonard Sax’s book “Why Gender Matters.” I also recommend “Raising Boys.” There is much we need to acknowledge about the learning styles and needs of males, especially at the young ages. For if a boy reaches the fourth grade with a negative attitude toward school and lagging literacy, there is little chance he will ever catch up.

  3. I intend to make sure my son doesn’t fall behind. Or any of my children. In reading or in basic math. And I hope he has the abilities with higher level math that I don’t.