Brits identify kids as potential terrorists

British police have identified 200 children, some as young as 13,  as potential terrorists, reports the Independent.

The programme, run by the Association of Chief Police Officers, asks teachers, parents and other community figures to be vigilant for signs that may indicate an attraction to extreme views or susceptibility to being “groomed” by radicalisers. Sir Norman (Bettison), whose force covers the area in which all four 7 July 2005 bombers grew up, said: “What will often manifest itself is what might be regarded as racism and the adoption of bad attitudes towards ‘the West’.

“One of the four bombers of 7 July was, on the face of it, a model student. He had never been in trouble with the police, was the son of a well-established family and was employed and integrated into society.

“But when we went back to his teachers they remarked on the things he used to write. In his exercise books he had written comments praising al-Qa’ida. That was not seen at the time as being substantive. Now we would hope that teachers might intervene, speak to the child’s family or perhaps the local imam who could then speak to the young man.”

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  1. Andy Freeman says:

    > perhaps the local imam who could then speak to the young man

    about the weakness of his tradecraft.

  2. Perhaps the local imam should be deported on the same plane as the embryonic terrorist and anyone else involved in pushing the extremist views.

  3. Richard Aubrey says:

    It used to be said the Brits lost every battle except the last one.
    I’m beginning to wonder….