U.S. court: Vaccines don’t cause autism

Vaccines don’t cause autism, federal special masters have ruled. Families claiming a link have sought compensation. From the Washington Post:

Yesterday’s ruling involved three separate cases, each of which explored a different mechanism by which vaccines might cause autism. Working independently, three special masters acting as judges in the federal “vaccine court” issued separate but similar rulings that found no evidence that the vaccines had caused the children’s disorders.

The decisions are especially telling because the rules of the vaccine court did not require the plaintiffs to prove their cases with scientific certainty — all the families needed to show was a preponderance of the evidence, or “50 percent and a hair.”

The special masters found the scientific evidence overwhelmingly showed no link between vaccination and autism.

Plaintiffs plan to appeal the decision. It never ends.

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  1. Bill Leonard says:

    I have no doubt that Jenny McCarthy, ex-Playboy Plyamate, sometime actress and noted scientific researcher, or perhaps some other D-list celebrity, will appear on the daily soapOprah, declare otherwise — that vaccines do cause autism, a position about as defensible as claiming the earth is flat — and the cycle will begin anew.

    As joanne said, it never ends.


  2. What’s there to appeal? These are findings of fact: an appellate court (the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit) will review them only for abuse of discretion.

  3. Autism is : NON COMMUNICATION.
    There are always reasons why a child stops(or refuses)to communicate.

    I have LIVED autism with my nefew.I was his “nanny” from his age of 1 to 6,his autism started at 2 and an half.
    When you see a child BECOMING “autistic”,you can understand what autism is(not the parents as they are part of it).
    My nefew and I were very close and I helped him A LOT.I made him talk again and made him making eye contact again.

    Vaccine cause is a NON SENSE.Give me an autistic child and I will prove it.
    Joelle from Belgium.

    PS: Each child has its own story and there are different reasons….

  4. Uh, the researcher (Wakefield) faked the data. His co-authors have withdrawn the paper and their claims.

    Enough said.

  5. Except, for the True Believers, it won’t be.

    I still hear/see people claiming MMR vaccine “causes” autism.

    I’d be willing to bet that with further research, we will find autism is a series of similar disorders, and that the causes are genetic or “idiopathic” (in other words, specific and unique to that individual), rather than some environmental toxin or something like vaccines.

    The anti-vaccine crowd scares me a little. Do they really not know history, know what it was like in the days polio was common? I had enough older relatives who told me stories of the fear of the “polio summers” to make me grateful for that needle stick.

  6. Bill Leonard says:

    What ricki said!

    My pre-vaccine youth — the first inoculations started about the time I started to high school — included friends who had to walk with braces because of relatively mild bouts of polio.

    I also remember the “polio summer” periods. Early symptoms oftend seemed like a summer cold; I remember the look of absolute fear in my parents’ eyes whenever I got such a cold.