Psych students do better online

Students who took Psychology 101 online outperformed those who attended lectures at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, reports the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Professor Diane Reddy has replaced the traditional lecture format with an online version of Psych 101. Students learn at their own pace but also have to obtain mastery, demonstrated by passing a quiz on each unit, before they can move on to the next.

Along the way, students get help from teaching assistants who monitor their online activity, identifying weak spots and providing advice – even if the students don’t seek it.

Over two years, online students tested 12 percent higher and earned more A’s and B’s than those who took the in-person class, even though online students started with lower grades averages. Low-income, minority and low-performing students did especially well with the online course.

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  1. In 1988 I took Psych 101 at a small university in Minnesota. Our class had no actual class time. We were responsible for reading the text and taking a quiz on each chapter. I would cram the night before and take 5 or 6 quizes on the same day. I remember absolutely nothing from this course, but it sure save a lot of time.

  2. how do they keep kids from cheating on the online test?

  3. Nels Nelson says:

    greifer, I don’t know that they can, but from the article:

    “But the ‘proof of the pudding,’ he said, is in the supervised exam Reddy administered to 5,000 U-Pace and conventional course-takers in the past two years.

    ‘The students in the self-paced course waxed them,’ he said.”