Getting real-er

More states are linking academic standards and graduation requirements to what students will need to succeed in college and careers, reports Achieve in Closing the Expectations Gap. In addition, more states are adopting assessments rigorous enough to measure whether students are preparing for college and career demands. “P-20” data systems that track students from preschool through college also are spreading.

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  1. gold standard would to measure how those students actually do in college.

  2. Chris:

    I think that is one thing that a p-20 data system enables. But as long as there is no national system, the p-20 systems are only good for the kids who attend college in-state. There are also important things worth knowing about the non-college attenders and non-completers (are they employed? how much are they earning? are they acquiring new learning in some way other than college?)

  3. How much does a data system like p-20 cost?