Coloring for Obama

Students at an elementary school in New Rochelle, New York  were assigned to color in drawings of Barack Obama to mark his inauguration, writes Robert Cox of Talk of the Sound.

The drawings depicted Obama in various heroic poses, flags waving in the background, but one drawing went beyond adulation into overt political activity disguised as a pedagogical exercise. The drawing is a campaign button, in the center of a circle Barack Obama is smiling surrounded by another circle with the words “Students for Obama 2008.”

It’s not just inappropriate. The crayola curriculum is a waste of students’ time.

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  1. > The crayola curriculum is a waste of students’ time.

    Not if the first crayon they selected is ‘flesh tone’.

  2. It can’t even be justified as teaching creativity or drawing skills.

  3. Momindant says:

    I’ve heard the crayola curriculum vigorously defended as aiding the development of fine motor skills. This was in a first grade classroom where the coloring was assigned as homework and graded. To assign coloring is plain and simple a case of lazy-teacher. The same fine motor skills can be practiced while learning the basic strokes of handwriting. At best, this waste of time is an insult to students who are capable of more challenging work, and at worst, it cheats those students who need and may never receive instruction in the basic fundamentals of handwriting.

  4. Did the superintendent and teachers save the drawings from Bush’s inaugurations in 2000 and 2004? Oh, they didn’t color drawings for Bush? I thought not.

  5. Richard Aubrey says:

    Perhaps they were covering their A in advance in case the Eye turned in their direction. Never hurts to be on good terms with the One, and his money spigot.

  6. Can we say, “Indoctrination”?

  7. We watched the Inauguration and combined a letter to Obama responding to his speech, along with a quick write about our dreams (inspired by MLK, Jr. Holiday 1 day prior). This gave us 1) writing practice; 2) learning how to structure a formal letter practice; and 3)word processing practice. And the key ingredient? Kids who didn’t want to write to the President had the option to write to someone in the military. Everybody seemed happy.

  8. Suzanne,

    Writing is better than coloring, period.