Black History Month: Is it obsolete?

Is it time for Black History Month to fade into history? Some say devoting February to African-American history is outdated, reports AP.

“If Obama’s election means anything, it means that African-American history IS American history and should be remembered and recognized every day of the year,” says Stephen Donovan, a 41-year-old lawyer.

. . . Yemesi Oyeniyi, a 40-year-old stay-at-home mother, says that Black History Month feels like it’s only for blacks, “and therefore fails to educate the masses of non-blacks.”

“I mean, now there is a Hispanic History Month and quite honestly I haven’t paid more attention to the history of Spanish-speaking Americans any more now than I have in the past,” she says. “I think it all should be taught collectively — every month.”

Others say we still need a special focus on black history.

Women’s history has a month too. I think it’s March.

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  1. I say it’s time we had a Blogger History Month.

    We can celebrate the substantive contributions of bloggers and the impact they’ve made on American life.


    OK, so let’s have a Blogger History Minute.

  2. If Blogger History Minute gets the PSAs and public fanfare of other (fill in the blank) History Months, I’d be all for it. We could do worse.

  3. there is (was?) a proposal in the texas state legislature this session to declare june as juneteenth month. which is just funny.

  4. Mark Roulo says:

    Women’s history month is indeed in May.

    The Smithsonian lists a few others:

    Sep-Oct: Hispanic Heritage Month
    Nov: American Indian Heritage Month
    Feb: Black History Month
    Mar: Women’s History Month
    May: Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

    I’ve also found April as Latino History Month, and March-April as Deaf History Month.


    -Mark Roulo

  5. Interesting note here in Delaware a local grocery store chain- ACME has come under fire for offering Black History Month collard greens, grape soda & corn bread and Barack Obama collector items at discount prices.
    Some people have taken offense as they feel this is selling another holiday & saying that these items are portrayed as BLACK food.

    Acme’s position is that they are offering specials to promote/support the “black owned” lessor known manufacturers that make these products. The companies that are smaller in size that don’t generally offer advertising campaigns.
    During Hispanic Heritage Mont they offer specials on Salsa, Taco shells etc…. so far no complaints on the Hispanic food sales.

    Black History Month.. Outdated or just another Commercial Opportunity???

  6. I agree that “Black History Month” is obsolete. As the actor Morgan Freeman said on a 60 Minutes interview, “Black history is American History.” And add to the trash heap all of the balkanized ethnic celebration months. One more thing…please stop the insanity of Kwanzaa…a faux “holiday” invented by the convicted murderer and former member of United Slaves (a rival and more violent black separatist group to Black Panthers)Ron Karenga. The 7-headed snake symbol of the Symbionese Liberation Army (think Patty Hearst)and other Neo-Marxist 60’s groups, and the 7 “principles” of Kwanzaa are one and the same. ‘Nuff said.

  7. It’s all just a hook to sell books on Borders’ front table. That makes the Blogger History Month idea sound very appealing.

  8. Fuzzy Rider says:

    Don’t forget Confederate History Month! (April, I think…)

    Deo Vindice, y’all