An historic day

Today is my daughter Allison’s 28th birthday.  It’s hard to believe I’m that old.

We had a pre-birthday dinner in Chicago Friday night after seeing a performance of the U-Chicago Law School musical for which she did most of the writing. She also performed as 3L #3, a small but key role.  Since she really is a third-year student, this is her last musical. She’ll earn her degree in June — if none of her professors sees how he or she is portrayed in the show.

Now I’m back in California, coping with a slow and somewhat painful recovery from my shoulder surgery (rotator cuff, bone spurs, adhesive capsulitis, etc.) in late January and my mother-in-law’s recovery from a fractured neck, the result of a fall in the airport two weeks ago on arrival for what was supposed to be a one-week visit. She’s adjusting to the metal “halo” brace which she’ll require for another 10 weeks. We’re trying to find a skilled nursing/rehab center for her near our house; right now she’s in acute care about 30 minutes away. My husband is  using his frequent flyer miles to fly in various relatives to see her, so we have a stream of house guests. We don’t know when she’ll be able to travel back to Illinois; she may be here till May, when the halo comes off.

John’s family, like mine, is the kind that pulls together in a crisis. People say, “How can I help?” And they do. Thank God for that.

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  1. My youngest turns 28 in a couple of months. You’re right — it makes me feel old 🙂 My mother-in-law broke a bone in her neck about 2 years ago and had that halo thing for about 3-4 months. She was in an acute care facility for all that time. She did well and her neck is fine now. Hope the shoulder feels better soon. It’s not an easy recovery. Have a good week!!

  2. Congrats on the birthday, best wishes for your mother-in-law. I’m sorry that the surgery recovery is turning out to be slow, and under the circumstances I’m very impressed that you’ve kept up blog quality and output.

  3. Happy birthday, Allison!

    Joanne, I’m amazed at how you can balance your blog with the needs of your family and your own recovery.

    If only more families were like yours …

  4. Oh my, you certainly have your hands full.

    My daughter turned 30 and I find that hard to believe. How did THEY get so old and WE have stayed so young? 😎

  5. FuzzyRider says:

    Shouldn’t it be AN historic day??? I’m not an English teacher, and I’m not particularly anal about such things, but people see this on an EDUCATION site and come to unwarranted conlusions about educators.

    Mine are 25 and 23- where does the time go?

  6. I hate “an historic.” If you pronounce the consonant “h” it is “a historic.”

    Hope you feel better soon Joanne. Appreciate you keeping up the blog. I assume you had Allison when you were very young.

  7. Taking care of my 28 yo son’s 8 month old son!

    Sheesh — who is that woman I see in the mirror?

    I wish I could be of help with the m-i-l placement — the place that took such good care of my mom is out of business.

    The place on Sand Hill in Menlo Park, opposite St. Bede’s, appears to function well.