What’s in a (Nazi) name?

Adolf Hitler Campbell, 3, younger sister JoyceLynn Aryan Nation and baby Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie (named for SS chief Himmler) have been removed from their New Jersey home by child protective services workers. Why? Nobody’s saying, But a New Jersey Youth and Family Services spokeswoman says it’s not because of their Nazi names, reports Lehigh Valley Live.

“Just to be clear, removal of a child from a family is only done when there’s an imminent danger to a child and that wouldn’t include the child’s name alone,” spokeswoman Kate Bernyk said. “We wouldn’t remove a child based on their name.”

The children’s parents, Heath and Deborah Campbell, complained last month that a supermarket bakery refused to put their son’s full name on a birthday cake. In response to the furor, the father took down some swastikas and acknowledged that the Holocaust happened.

The family is supported by disability payments: The father says he has emphysema and the mother says she has a bad back.  One wonders about their IQs.

A hearing is scheduled for Thursday.  The state will have to present evidence of abuse or neglect. Parental idiocy is not grounds for loss of custody.

Update: The family court hearing has been postponed.

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