Teen enters teen center

Area Teen Accidentally Enters Teen Center, reports The Onion, satirically.

SANDUSKY, OH—In a moment of confusion, area teenager Eric Dooley briefly walked into a local teen outreach center Tuesday, a place that neither he nor any of his teenaged friends would ever knowingly enter. “Oh, geez. I’m sorry,” the 15-year-old said as he quickly assessed the four battered foosball tables, outdated PlayStation console, overly friendly counselor, and garish orange and purple paint scheme — all intended to appeal to him — before exiting the facility in less than six seconds.

“Dooley reportedly joined a gang later that afternoon,” the story concludes.

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  1. Margo/Mom says:

    Back in the day, when I worked in a community center that actually involved teens (and adults and children) on a daily basis, I recall that there was a squeeky wheel who keep appealing to the local funding sources that there was “no place for teens to go” after school. All she needed was an annual budget of $10,000 to pay the rent in a storefront. She could get all the furnishings donated and staff it with volunteers. The result was the kind of place that was described. Eventually the location had to be folded into another social service organization (across the street, as I recall) as the whole thing had become an embarrassment–it never flew, but no one could stand up and say it was a mistake from the beginning.