School fires 100-0 coach

Covenant School in Dallas has fired the girls’ basketball coach who let his team beat Dallas Academy 100-0.  Coach Micah Grimes had posted a message on a youth basketball saying he disagreed with school officials’ apology for the lopsided victory.

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  1. Dallas Academy has come out the hero in this story. The Covenant coach should have been talked to, but fired? I think that’s a bit harsh.

  2. All games should end in ties. Welcome to the eon of Harrison Bergeron.

  3. Looking at the quarterly score count, it seems like the winning team did in fact exercise considerable restraint. The losing team hasn’t won a game in 4 seasons: surely they weren’t surprised by this result?

    I think having the winning team give the losers pity points would have made the situation worse. They still would have lost but would also know that everyone felt sorry for them.

  4. Just another example of why our schools and our culture are in decline. Sad.

  5. Margo/Mom says:

    It would appear that the cause of the firing was not the act of running up the score, but of publicly denouncing the apology.

  6. George Grady says:

    He didn’t “denounce” the apology. He rather politely disagreed with it. But I agree that if he had remained silent, he would probably still have his job.