Just a coincidence: Sasha and Malia dolls

New “Sasha” and “Malia” dolls with brown skin aren’t named after the Obama girls, claims Ty, a toy company.

Yeah. Right.

Michelle Obama says it’s “inappropriate” to exploit her children for marketing purposes. Ty claims marketers just happened to think up those names by coincidence.

My brother, David Jacobs, who blogs at Connected World, says he won’t be buying Ty products for awhile. And, as the father of two little girls, he’s the target market.

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  1. When “Baby Ruth” hit the market in the early ’20s many people thought it was named after a baseball player.”Not so”,insisted the Curtis Candy Co.:it was for Pres Cal Coolidge’s daughter.They never paid any royalties.As far as that went,neither has Hanna barbera

  2. Mark Roulo says:

    I wonder what would happen if Michelle went on Oprah (or some other show with tons of viewers) and nicely explained to the audience that she though that this was shameless “exploitation of children” and would the audience please not purchase *ANYTHING* from Ty.

    I’m guessing that enough would comply that Ty would be very sad.

    Michelle doesn’t even get any bad publicity. Defending your kids against exploitation is being a good Mom.

    I think she should do this …

    -Mark Roulo

  3. I don’t quite understand the outrage. Is it just because the Obamas aren’t getting royalties? If their parents had CHOSEN for cute little dolls to be made (as they are of many famous child actors) would it still be exploitation?

    I think it is stupid and dishonest that TY is doing this, but I don’t see it as rising to the level of “exploitation”, which to me implies that the girls would somehow be hurt by this. Where’s the real harm?

  4. May we assume that there won’t be any Amy Carter dolls?

  5. greeneyeshade says:

    Corwin, it wasn’t Coolidge’s daughter, it was Grover Cleveland’s. Otherwise, you’re OK.

  6. Why doesn’t she get TY to promise to donate a % to some kids’ charity? Much easier than being all miffed. It was bound to happen, and she might as well have some control and input.