If Shakespeare had twittered

Via Advertising Lab, here’s the twitter version of Hamlet’s “To be or not to be” speech.

“2 be, or nt 2 be: tht’s the q:
Whether ’tis nblr in the mnd 2 sffr
The slngs & rrws of trgs frtn,
Or 2 tk rms gnst a sea of trbls,
by ppsng end thm? 2 die: 2 zzz;
No mr & by a zzz 2 say we end
The hrt-ache & the thsnd ntrl shcks
That flsh is hr 2, ’tis a cnsmmtn
Devoutly 2 be wsh’d. 2 die, 2 zzz;”

And so on . . .

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