Homeschooling grows

Some 1.5 million children — 2.9 percent of the school-aged population — were homeschooled in 2007, according to a Department of Education survey (available here in pdf).    That’s up 74 percent from 1999.

Moral or religious issues and concerns about the public school environment remain leading reasons parents choose to teach their children at home.  Parents also cited increased family time, finances and the desire to let children learn at their own pace.

Since many homeschooling families resist participating in government surveys, the true number of homeschooled students may be 2 million or more, says Rob Kunzman, an Indiana University education professor, who has more research on homeschooling.

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  1. Is anyone surprised by this finding?

  2. I think it will only increase in numbers – especially with things like online education growing and available to fill in any gaps homeschooling may have (like foreign languages, etc)


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