FreeRice is a very cool site. It’s practically addictive.

Via middle-school teacher Robert Wright, who says his students love to answer questions and donate rice to the poor.

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  1. So if I don’t answer questions, they won’t give away rice?

    This sounds “off” to me.

    Are kids supposed to feel good about themselves because they think that by answering questions, *they* are doing some good?

  2. Lightly Seasoned says:

    My kids are suspect of the whole rice thing, but it is a great way to review grammar.

  3. I was going to tell my kids about the site but they already knew. Darn, there goes my chance to look cool.

  4. Robert Wright says:

    Students document how much rice they get with screen saves and cell phone pictures and I give them extra credit.

    7000 grains of rice in one day is the record so far.