Fat camp for military recruits

The Army may start a fat camp to slim down overweight recruits.

Maj. Gen. Thomas Bostick, head of the Army Recruiting Command, said he wants to see a formal diet and fitness regimen running alongside a new school at Fort Jackson that helps aspiring troops earn their GEDs.

Obesity is a bigger challenge than finding recruits with adequate educational credentials, Bostick told AP.

Hot Air provides a link to Stripes: John Candy enlists to become a lean, mean fighting machine.

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  1. Back during the days of the draft, we had such an animal at Parris Island. There were two special recruit battalions, one for fatbodies and one for weakbodies. Someone who was only overweight but could handle the strength required for the initial fitness test (much easier than and NOT the physical fitness test that Marines have to pass on a regular basis) would stay in a regular recruit platoon. Once out of the special battalion, the recruit would be integrated into a regular recruit platoon, sometimes at the beginning of the training cycle, and sometimes a little further along.

    Back then, we learned something that seems to have been forgotten: if you wanted to be a Marine, you could be. You just had to want it enough. Every single one of us realized, at some point during boot camp, that we would physically fail before we mentally quit. That’s the secret of Marine boot camp and Marines in general. It’s an awesome feeling that not everyone in the other services experiences.