Change: Here’s how

Center for Education Reform’s Mandate for Change prescribes a five-part cure for our education woes. Juan Williams writes on federal accountability, John Engler on transparency, Kevin Chavous on charter schools, Jeanne Allen on school choice and Richard Whitmire on teacher quality.

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  1. Bummer!

    I have to give out all my personal information to get a copy of the report without any mention of how it will be used.

  2. Tunya Audain says:

    Sad. I’m from Canada and I can’t download the Mandate which doesn’t provide for international downloads.

    But, the main thing I want to comment and say is:

    The five points, though very important, will be minimally effective without the essential 6th plank: Effective parent involvement.

    Please, CER, allow Canadians to be part of this conversation, as we also suffer under central controlled school systems.

    And, please comment on the absence of an evolved position statement on parent involvement: rights, role, and responsibilities.

  3. @pm I am sorry that you are concerned about the form request to download the full document. Please feel free to email me @ jonathan(at) for information.

    @Tunya Audain Please email me @ jonathan(at) for a copy.

    Thanks so much for all of your interest!

  4. re suggestion from our Canadian neighbor that a sixth plank, parent involvement is a priority; I would like to, respectfully, disagree.

    I think we need parents to agree that the problem exsists–and we all know that that they do. But parents are waiting for the successful reformer to take the lead. Most parents, rightly or wrongly, are passive when it comes to the education of their children. They want public schools to succeed, many cannot afford private schools and most are kept in the dark about charter schools. The traditional public school system is only too happy with this status quo.

    The leadership will have to come out of the charter school classroom. My four children have attended a charter high school and I am applying for lateral entry into the charter school system as middle school teacher. I know this model works, but not all my parental cohort has taken the time to understand the model. Teachers need to drive this ed reform movement!