Butt-saving web tools

MakeUseOf‘s Web Tools To Save Your Butt In School includes a tool that tells students if they’ve “plagiarized too much” and are likely to show up a turnitin plagiarism check.

Another program creates a fake file that can’t be opened.

. . . when your professor can’t open the file up, you can just blame it on your computer. Of course, many teachers are starting to not accept these excuses, so be careful when using this. This web tool allows you to spend hours browsing MakeUseOf instead of working on that stupid project.

Some of the other web tools are useful for actual students.

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  1. A bit off topic…a few weeks ago I had to explain to a 16yoa and the kid’s mom what plagiarism was and how to avoid it. It was a court-ordered paper so we solved the problem by a quick, very informal cite but I still wanted to cry. I honestly don’t think the kid was trying to pull one over since neither had heard of it or seemed to understand why it was a not-so-good thing.

  2. I had a project that was due 10am, and it was 7am. We were given half a semester to complete this and it was group project. I had nothing. All the responsibility had fallen on me and I stayed up all night and produced nothing.

    So class starts, some other groups go and not it is our turn and we had nothing. Fortunately, our power point file did not open, no matter what we tried. Half way through the class period, I figure out why the file isn’t opening, though I keep it to myself, after all we had nothing. So class period ends and I act like I feel really, really bad; the instructor having seen what seemed like “we were hard workers” on these project, acknowledges out “computer glitch” we get a 95 for doing nothing.


  3. These types of “useful aids” are why I use nothing but quizzes and exams for assigning grades. It has become much too easy to cheat and I am not going to waste my time monitoring students’ ethics.

    Laura’s example is priceless. Her example helps one to understand better why Charles Murray says most people shouldn’t go to college and why increasing numbers of college degrees are worthless. And, should I even mention grade inflation….?