14 kids, no dad

The mother of the octuplets born in Southern California already has six children under the age of seven and no husband. Apparently, her father has supported the family by working in his native Iraq as a ontractor.

Why did the fertility clinic agree to any treatment, much less implanting eight embryos? The mother must be crazy.

Here’s more. Family declared bankruptcy last year. All kids conceived through in vitro. Grandma says the mom is obsessed.

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  1. Didn’t a recent court case find that under CA state law, fertility physicians cannot legally discriminate against patients based on their family status?

  2. This is rather like the “No Texting While Driving” Law in CA. It makes me go “Duh!” Law or no law, the doctor has some accountability here. He (or she) went over the 4 embryo limit. In addition, there comes a point when we all have to use our common sense. The doc should have looked her in the face and said, “no.” But, then again, didn’t she spend $20,000 for each of her two attempts or something? But relating it back to education, even if she’s she’s the best of mom’s, there’s 14 Kids Left Behind, and not by the schools.

  3. We live in an entitlement society. She’s entitled to it. That’s all that matters.

  4. disaggregated says:

    14 kids, no dad second parent

  5. Hmmmm…the mother now has 14 kids all under the age of seven including these eight newborns? And the kids all came as a result of in vitro fertilization from the same sperm donor?

    At least she was faithful……maybe loony….but faithful.

    In these kinds of situations, do you think the sperm donor has been told he has fathered 14 kids? Or is it common for anonymous sperm donors to father dozens of kids with multiple mothers without their knowledge?

  6. I’m not that concerned with the mom. She’s going to be paying for her actions for a long time. I dearly hope however that the clinic she went to gets flayed by whatever regulatory body oversees it.

  7. Richard Nieporent says:

    The woman who gave birth to octuplets had previously worked in a fertility clinic, it has been claimed.

    Is this a job benefit like getting discount clothes if you work for a department store?

    At the risk of stating the obvious, why would someone who already had six children need to go to a fertility clinic in the first place? And why would the clinic agree to make her pregnant with multiple embryos when she already had six children? Guess who will be paying to bring up those children.

  8. Charles R. Williams says:

    Medical malpractice mandated by law. If these technologies had been available in the fifties, no clinic in this country would have employed them on an unmarried woman.

  9. How DARE you all judge this woman!! (/snark)

  10. I’m not certain how much we actually know about this case–except that it is certainly puzzling and raises lots of questions. The doctors cannot divulge details and the mother has chosen not to.

    Re: the question about what the anonymous donor may or may not know. Ethics with regard to sperm donation are a pretty recent thing. It has only been a couple of decades since a code of ethics limiting the number of live births per donor per state has been in existence. I don’t know the legal status of the code of ethics in California or elsewhere. Previous codes were developed to protect men in infertile marriages. The name of the husband was entered on a birth certificate and legally (in order to protect “the state” from being saddled with children lacking an identifiable father) any children born within a marriage were those of the husband (only recently has this been challenged by DNA). In the past, sperm donors were drawn from the ranks of medical students, with anonymity strictly observed–even when later medical evidence emerged (presence of hereditary conditions) that would have been helpful to one party or the other.

    Actual sperm banks, these days, may provide various options for sharing information–with the loosest option being something like an ability to identify the bio connection when the child reaches the age of majority. But–there have always been all kinds of ways to obtain donations.

  11. Your tax dollars at work?

  12. JND said, “Your tax dollars at work?”

    According to Democrats, e.g., Joe Biden, they’re not taxes. They’re donations. She’s just getting my fair share. Besides, the money I earn is not really mine. I just get to keep it for a little while until I have to donate it. Or so I’ve been told.

  13. Dawn –
    ‘I’m not that concerned with the mom. She’s going to be paying for her actions for a long time.’

    Somehow I think we’ll all be paying for her actions. This is the problem with our entitlement society – a population of parasites will take full advantage of it.
    In nature, a population of parasites will take as much as they can until they cause the death of their hosts. Hopefully this won’t happen with us, but somehow I doubt it.

  14. So she was able to find a fertility clinic that would implant multiple embryos even though she already had six children?

    It’s really hard not to see this as the logical conclusion of anti-discrimination policies. If a clinic can’t refuse to impregnate a client because (for instance) she’s single, why would they be able to refuse to impregnante a client because she already has a large family?

  15. The most successful parasites don’t kill off the host as they are dependent upon the host for life.