Stinky doll

It’s taken a generation — and some high-tech chips — to go from Betsy Wetsy to . . . call her Patty Potty. From the Washington Post.

Put her on her little pink plastic toilet. Press the purple bracelet on Baby Alive Learns to Potty. “Sniff sniff,” she chirps in a singsong voice. “I made a stinky!”

This season’s animatronic Baby Alive — which retails for $59.99 — comes with special “green beans” and “bananas” that, once fed to the doll, actually, well, come out the other end. “Be careful,” reads the doll’s promotional literature, “just like real life, sometimes she can hold it until she gets to the ‘potty’ and sometimes she can’t!” (A warning on the back of the box reads: “May stain some surfaces.”)

The mess made by the $39.95 Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Gotta Go Doll, (“Over 60 phrases and fun sounds!”) is more hypothetical. Once she is placed on her little toilet, a magnet triggers a presto, change-o in the plastic bowl: “The ‘water’ in the toilet disappears, with the expected ‘potty waste’ appearing in its place,” says manufacturer Mattel. “Your child can then flush the toilet. The ‘water’ will reappear, while the toilet makes a very realistic flushing sound!” And then comes the applause.

Not from everyone.

But, despite the complaints of the anal retentive, doll-and-toilet combos are supposed to be a hot gift item this year.

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  1. Mrs. Davis says:

    They’ll sell well to Consumer and Family Sciences programs in middle school.

  2. How about a Tatum O’Neal doll that sings “Roll me over in the clover?”