No Consumer Left Behind

Building on the success of No Child Left Behind, Jay Greene proposes to bail out business with the No Consumer Left Behind Act.

All companies will have to achieve profitability by 2014.  And they can define for themselves what “profitability” really means.  Each year they must make adequate yearly progress toward that goal.  If a company fails to make AYP they must offer their consumers the option to buy a different product that the same company sells.  After all we have to have choice!

Companies that are in need of improvement will also be provided with additional resources and professional development.  If we don’t help them, how else can they help their consumers?  We won’t call these additional resources a bailout or reward for failure.  Instead, we will call it technical assistance. 

Companies that fail to make progress after several years will have to hold team-building workshops or hire a new CEO.

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  1. “Building on the success of No Child Left Behind…”

    I found this phrase … odd, for lack of a better word at the moment.