I twitter

I am twittering — or possibly tweeting — as Joanne Lee Jacobs (my Australian alter ego has taken “Joanne Jacobs.”)  Most of the tweets will refer back to the blog, rather than report on what I’m doing every moment of the day.  I’m trying to reach more potential readers (and Our School buyers) by using social media, helped by my brother David ([email protected]), a new media consultant. Sign up to follow me. It’s embarassing to have only one follower — my brother.

You’ll also notice a “share this” button at the bottom of each post, which will let readers refer posts to Reddit, Delicious, Facebook, etc.

I’m an old dog trying to learn new tricks. It’s only been a few years since I learned to use a cell phone.

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  1. Robert Wright says:

    I set up student email systems back in the day of 300 baud.

    I know the Hayes Modem command codes.

    I can write BASIC, HTML, JavaScript and XML

    But I tried to twitter and I couldn’t figure it out.

    All I figured out was that I’m now just too damn old.

  2. Joanne….I know that feeling very well…..woof! woof!

  3. i’m not a twitter expert, but it is generally frowned upon to only tweet your blog posts. personal connection is highly valued in the twitterverse — being part of the conversation. you don’t have to tweet about what you had for breakfast, but interspersing blog post announcements with tweets about what you’re working on/thinking about would probably be a good thing.

    and i’m following you!

  4. So long as you’re not twitterpated.