Four years abroad

American students are heading overseas, often to Scotland, Canada and Ireland, to earn college degrees, reports the New York Times.

For American students, a university like St. Andrews offers international experience and prestige, at a cost well below the tuition at a top private university in the United States. But it provides a narrower, more specialized course of studies, less individual attention from professors — and not much of an alumni network to smooth entry into the workplace when graduates return to the United States.

International students are “cash cows,” paying much more than the government subsidies for native students.

Overseas universities don’t require students to be well-rounded: They need only good grades and test scores in the field they plan to study.  Revelatory essays aren’t required either.

Overseas, professors provide little feedback and no hand holding,  American students say. Some love the independence. Others miss the support.

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  1. Nothing new, and not many. Certainly not nearly as many as international students who come here.

  2. Mrs. Davis says:

    Overseas, professors provide little feedback and no hand holding,

    And in the US?