Eco-kids socializing parents

Environmental educators want children to use “pester power” to socialize their parents, writes Frank Furedi on Pajamas Media.  Children can “be the teachers and tell their parents what to do for a change,” boasts Andrew Sutter of Britain’s Eco-Schools. Oh happy day.

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  1. Is there no better condemnation of the environmentalist movement than that they need to use impressionable and naive children to guilt new converts rather than relying upon reasoned discussion?

    This ’empowerment’ of children is part of the sense of entitlement and independence that society is falsely instilling in children.
    “Yes, Johnny, you know more than your parents and are better able to make important judgments…”

    Any child of mine that came home telling me what to do would be quickly grounded… and that would be followed up by a rather unpleasant call to whatever organization that instructed them to.

  2. The limiting of TV, computers, car trips, long showers, superfluous purchases, and processed foods would be the first step for any of my children who nagged me about my environmental crimes. They would get to walk the walk, emphasis on walk.

  3. The glib fascism of many on the left continues merrily along. Indoctrination rather than education seems appropriate, as long as it’s their religion that’s being taught.

  4. Definition of glib from Merriam-Webster:


    1 a: marked by ease and informality : nonchalant b: showing little forethought or preparation : offhand c: lacking depth and substance : superficial
    2archaic : smooth , slippery
    3: marked by ease and fluency in speaking or writing often to the point of being insincere or deceitful

    I guess it’s the season to be merry, even if you are a glib fascist. ROFL!

  5. Right. And since the children are so responsible and knowledgeable about “green” issues, we’ll also tell them that good environmentalist ethics requires turning their parents in if the parents are irresponsible consumers and inefficient recyclers.

    Don’t laugh. I knew a girl in high school who was brainwashed by DARE to turn her parents in “to get them help” when she found a piece of a cigarette that she thought was a joint in her parents’ bedroom trash can. The authorities put her and her brother in foster care while they investigated. The parents went to jail on the strength of her story. She was completely freaked out because she thought her family would get “help.” It turned out there was no pot, no joint, no nothing, and the parents got a good lawyer and their kids back and a defiant non-apology from the authorities that said they’d do the same thing again under the same circumstances.

    I was so chilled by the story I went home and told my mom. She went and had a talk with the girl’s parents. She came home with her lips pressed together and a scary look in her eye and told my father it was a damn good thing nobody in our house smoke or drank. I was also told it was perfectly OK for me to go over to the girl’s house and meet her parents.

  6. What state was that in?

    According to the following link, the laws vary a lot by state.

  7. Sounds like the Communists – next little Johnnie or Janie will be told to turn the folks in for counter-revolutionary activities.

  8. Laws? You think the child welfare people really bother much with such obstacles when they get on the crusade? How charmingly naive of you.

  9. So is it better to know the laws and be proactive or to wait for something bad to happen and be reactive?

  10. pm-
    Neither. Better to act upon good, solid information… and as the possible consequences increase, so should the standard of proof.
    A schizophrenic may be very proactive… but that says nothing about the validity of his concerns.

  11. So knowing the laws is not part of having good solid information?

  12. Supersub wrote:

    Is there no better condemnation of the environmentalist movement than that they need to use impressionable and naive children to guilt new converts rather than relying upon reasoned discussion?

    No more so then just about any other group that has a political ax to grind and seeks to put the edge on it via those impressionable minds.

    I guess the temptation of the advantage to be gained by indoctrinating kids in the public education system is sufficient to prevent the politically-motivated from considering the danger of their opponents doing the same.

  13. Shades of my Cold War childhood — except the horror stories were about Communist children turning in their parents.

    All hail, Comrade Al Stalin!

  14. One problem is that so few of the kids are invovled in any activities that actually sponsor conservation they know little or nothing about what they are saying. I can tell you that my kids have done more conservation and more environmental cleanup in Scouts than most of these kids will ever do. Add do you think any of these little nags and their facilitators are going to Skip the Trip the next time they want to go on their next vacation? I think not.


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