Where will the Obama girls go to school?

Where will Sasha and Malia Obama, 7 and 10 years old, go to school in Washington, D.C.?  Sidwell Friends, Chelsea Clinton’s alma mater, and Georgetown Day are the most likely private schools. Schools chief Michelle Rhee is pushing her daughters’ public school, high-scoring Oyster Elementary. A bilingual school, Oyster is half Hispanic and only 10 percent black. Matt Yglesias suggests a charter school, such as the conveniently located Capital City Public Charter School, which is 54 percent black, 27 percent white and 18 percent Hispanic. The girls now attend the University of Chicago’s Lab School, an elite private school.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Obamas choose Oyster. Of course, there’s a lottery to get in and this will be a mid-year transfer . . . I’m guessing that can be worked out.

Meanwhile, the nation is debating what kind of dog the girls will get when they move into the White House. Is a poodle too snobby? A Portuguese water dog could be too foreign. The new First Dog will be adopted from a shelter, in deference to public opinion.

The current First Dog, Barney, apparently is tired of the job. The Scottish terrier bit a reporter from Reuters today. Naturally, it’s on YouTube.

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  1. dangermom says:

    Seriously, the Obamas have to get a dog and everyone cares about what kind? What if they don’t want a dog?

  2. Mark Roulo says:

    What if they don’t want a dog?

    Then they can get a cat 🙂

    There is precedent

    -Mark Roulo

  3. In his victory speech, Obama promised his daughters a puppy.

  4. superdestroyer says:

    Even though everyone is talking about Sidwell Friends because it is the only private school in DC that they know about, National Cathedral is also in play. It is where Gore sent his daughters. It is an all girls school and the sister school to St Albans.

  5. That should be daughters’ school – Rhee has two at Oyster

  6. superdestroyer says:

    The Obama’s have to plan on eight years of school. They may be able to fine a good public elementary school where whites and Asians are overrepresented. However, the public high schools in DC are very bad and the few whites who stick it out to high school seem to attend Schools without Walls.

  7. I don’t remember what grades Malia and Sasha are in–2nd and 5th? Oyster only goes through 6th — then what? Capital City goes through 8th.

    Putting myself in the Obamas’ shoes, the questions aren’t just school quality — where will the girls be safest (I’m thinking of the physical design of the school, access control etc.)? Where will the Secret Service detail be the least disruptive? Where are they likely to have opportunities to make new friends? (Bigger schools might have a more fluid social structure.)

    It’s more than just public vs. private.

  8. Cardinal Fang says:

    Just as a point of information, Sasha is the younger Obama daughter and Malia the older.

  9. It’s nice to have choices.

  10. Bill Leonard says:

    Yeah, it’s nice to have choices, but let’s be realistic. We’re talking about the President;s children, and all that such implies and entails.

    The real issues are, where will the kids be the safest with best education; and where will the ever-present Secret Service be the least intrusive.


  11. Kim Miller says:

    While attending the Colorado Charter School Conference I found out President elect Obama, while verbally supportive of charter schools is very opposed to vouchers or scholarship programs. This was stated by Michael Johnston who held the role of education advisior to Senator Obama’s presidential campaign. Vouchers and Scholarship programs provide access to great schools for America’s Children who attend our poorest schools. When Michael was asked the question, “Where do president elect Obama’s children attend school?” He gave no response, the program moderator answered the question. I asked Michael to suggest that Mr. Obama re-think his position on vouchers and scholarship programs so ALL children can be offered the educational opportunity Obama’s children are given. Michael’s response, “Point well taken.”

    I truly hope Obama is the candidate for change he claims to be and he will see the contradiction in his beliefs related to school choice. What is the best education and a parental choice for his family should be afforded ALL American families.

    Kim Miller, Founder and President
    Ridgeview Classical Schools
    A Public K-12 Charter School
    Fort Collins, Colorado

  12. Democrats are the party of the “little” people. SO…Why not a regular DC public school alongside the children of the “little” people.

  13. I hope the Obamas will do what is best for their daughters and not sacrifice them to political symbolism.

  14. Smell the Change ™

  15. Yet another example of elite liberal hypocrisy. Do the bidding of the teacher’s unions, oppose vouchers for the poor, give lip service support to charter schools while sending your own children to private school. Obama said he was the candidate of change. We have already had the Gores and the Clintons exhibit this hypocrisy, let Obama send his daughters to public school. If there aren’t any good ones in the DC system, then surely having the president and his wife as concerned parents might motivate the DC system to get its act together.

  16. The Bush children went to public schools in Austin; one (the one who has already published a book she wrote) went to a state university. Some politicians want to improve the schools, others want the teachers’ votes. These are obviously not the same someones.

  17. Mister Snitch says:

    ” The Scottish terrier bit a reporter from Reuters today.”

    Can a dog get a medal of honor?

  18. Of course the Obama daughters will attend private school. Private schools are for the elite, and not for commoners.

  19. It will be private.

  20. Why here of course:


    My brother is dating a girl who was graduated from there, even though her dad was a high-ranking official with the NEA.

    The hypocrisy on school choice is so profound it’s chilling to me.

  21. Long Island says:

    Maybe the girls will be home-schooled. 🙂

    So it sounds like Obama’s education policy can be summed up as, “supportive but opposed”, “gave no response” and “point well taken”.

    That sounds like his entire platform.

  22. Argh! the Barbarian says:

    Holton Arms, Sidwell Friends, Stone Ridge, etc. Plenty of expensive, private rest rooms in the DC metro area specializing in excellently educating the children of important politicians. Barak ain’t Jimmy Carter and shouldn’t have to prove anything be sending his kids to one of the horrible DC schools.

  23. These two kids are the daughters of one of the most powerful people in the world and should go to a school with good security. Just like Palin’s kids would go to the same kind of school – though the Liberals would scream like damned souls about it. So let’s be honest with ourselves – this topic is off the table. We should be more worried about the Fairness Doctrine which, if it is passed, will be used to shut down media outlets which ask relevant questions about the Left.

  24. AnAverageAmerican says:

    If it’s all about where the girls will be safest then home schooling (perhaps “home indoctrination” is more apt given Obama’s association with Alinsky disciples such as William Ayers) is the obvious choice.

  25. If any of you know about Jimmy Carter’s daughter’s experience in the public school system you’ll see that there’s a good reason why he should not send his daughters there. It’s hard to make friends when you have a secret service detail around you all the time. A public school is less likely to accommodate that. You also have to wonder about the physical structure of some of these school. If their outdoor recess area is close to a city street you can forget about these girls playing with their friends. I’m saying this primarily because I’m in Chicago right now and the area around the Obama residence has very tight security for a reason. Many of his neighbors understand that and just deal with it. He needs protection and his wife and daughters should be afforded the same sort of protection.

  26. A_Little_Confident_Are_We? says:


    “The Obama’s have to plan on eight years of school.”

    Last time I checked we only elect President’s in four year terms. Let’s see if the golden boy can do a good job before we start handing him the 2012 election.

  27. thinking of 2012 says:

    Why not Holy Trinity? It’s a private (very liberal) catholic school in georgetown and he could use it to dispel issues about the “bad” trinity in Chicago. Also increase the catholic vote for 2012.

  28. As someone who actually attended Washington schools, I can tell you the frontrunner is Maret. The Obamas want to send Malia and Sasha to the same school. NCS goes grades 4-12, so Sasha would have to go to Beauvior (which is the junior school on a separate campus) Sidewell likewise splits up elementary and middle school into different campuses. On the other hand, the Obamas are comfortable with Maret because several aides like Susan Rice send their kids there. It’s also more liberal than Sidwell or the Cathedral schools, though less out there than GDS. Of course, the Obamas still haven’t visited the Maret, so their preferences might change, but the school does a good job of selling itself, so I’d be surprised if they go anywhere else.

  29. Those kids aren’t going to any DC public school. Sidwell Friends would be my guess, although Georgetown Visitation Convent and National Cathedral are both excellent.

  30. Capital City would be a good choice … excellent academic program. An upper school opened this year. Security should be manageable in a small charter school such as Capital City.

  31. Too bad they are too old for Washington Yu Ying charter school (www.washingtonyuying.org)


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