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Black men hope the Obama presidency will shatter racial stereotypes, reports the San Jose Mercury News.

Matthew Morgan, a senior at San Jose State University, said Obama’s victory gives him a new sense of personal responsibility.

“For perceptions of black men to change, it’s going to depend on how we carry ourselves,” he said after an African-American history course this week. “I’m proud to say that I feel like I have a lot of responsibility on me, on us as a people. Obama needs support, and we all have to step up to the plate and get involved in our communities. There are no more excuses.”

“Obama being elected shows that black people can be smart and have some class,” said Jordan Brown, a 14-year-old high school student.

This is not so much about white people think about blacks but what blacks think about themselves.

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  1. Miller T. Smith says:

    Hope my black students learn that who they are has nothing to do with who some one else is. Maybe the gifts of Western Individualism finally sinks into their heads and hearts. That was what was always misssing from their minds…

  2. the link isn’t working.

  3. Perhaps fewer rap videos with violence, excess and the dispargement of women would help too.

  4. I voted for McCain, but I am hoping for a wildly successful Obama presidency.

    One thing that bothered me about his campaign is that he chose NOT to emphasize opportunity and personal responsibility, since his personal story is so inspirational.

    I’m glad some folks are seeing it. Maybe he can reverse the idea in the AA community that getting good grades and being successful is “acting white”. Sure hope so…

  5. Richard Cook says:

    I’m calling BS on this. Any substantial evidence base criticism of Obama will be met by a defense at all costs from the black community. People sure are hoping for alot out of his election whereas the evidence does not necessarily mean what the article wants to happen will come close to happening. A few more hits of hopium should do the trick.

  6. His personal story is inspirational?

    Yes, you too can live off the identity politics chow wagon, doing nothing yet moving up because of your race.

  7. Miller T. Smith says:

    Yeah, really, “inspirational?” Like what? Heck, I voted for him because he was black in hope that everyone would see that the era of identity politics can start to be over.


  8. I’d think there are plenty of smart, classy black men that could be role models for 14 year old kids.

    Maybe the problem is that nobody’s bothered to tell them about them, or that they’re not famous enough.

    Clarence Thomas and Thomas Sowell are both intelligent and classy – but also both not flashy, and conservative. You’re not going to see either on TV being lauded.

    Colin Powell, first black Secretary of State? Condoleeza Rice, first National Security Advisor and now Secretary of State?

    (Out of the right wing, what about Bill Cosby? Apart from some terrible fashion sense, he’s classy, and undeniably intelligent.

    Surely there are any number of successful black businessmen who could also be pointed to as role models, right? I don’t pay enough attention to the race of businessmen to have a list handy, but I know they must exist.)

    Why aren’t any of the classy, intelligent black people that are out there – and there are lots and lots of them – being promoted by these kids’ families and teachers as role models?

  9. Yes, inspirational.

    My father was born out of wedlock to my grandmother. He and my grandmother faced a lot of obstacles because of the era they lived in (1950s). It simply was not acceptable then.

    Obama was born biracial, and his dad soon left the family. I think he’s done quite well, and I haven’t seen the evidence that he used any advantage of his skin color to get ahead.

    He certainly was intelligent enough to handle college.

    I don’t like his politics, nor some of his associates, but I will give credit where credit is due.

  10. I can’t stand Obama’s politics, but if being articulate, intelligent and successful can no longer be portrayed as “acting white” then he will have accomplished something positive already.

  11. One wonders why someone would need a role model to assume personal responsibility.


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