Ranking the edusphere

I’m a large frog in the pond of education blogging, writes Mike Petrilli in Education Next. He’s got me second to Will Richardson’s Weblogg-Ed using the Technorati Authority score.

Core Knowledge, left out of Mike’s list, says it’s out of out of date. According to his list, I’ve got the highest Technorati ranking of any education blog. And the numbers are quite different.

I am confused.

Jay Greene adds Google page rankings: I’m a 6. Still confused.

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  1. Your blog used to be one of the top two returns from a google search. But no longer. The other Joanne Jacobses are crowding you out. I have since added bookmarks to all of the computers I use.

  2. Who cares? You’re awesome in any case.

  3. Bottom line is that Technorati is really imprecise. They’ll change a great deal, and leave out a lot of stuff. Think of it as having a lot of measurement error – if you’re a lot higher (or lower) than another blog based on your Authority Ranking, you probably have a different site than them. But if it’s relatively close, you can’t say with any certainty there is a significant difference. You’re one of the biggest ed bloggers for sure, but it’s folly to say you’re number 2 (or 3, or 1, or whatever).

  4. I’ve followed you since the Merc in the 70s? 80s anyway.

    Ranking Doesn’t Matter – you’re Da Bomb!

  5. The lists are created mostly by being very selective and leaving out most of the edublogosphere. Hence you do not see (and may never even have heard of) my own site – Technorati authority 620 ( http://technorati.com/blogs/http://www.downes.ca ) and Google page rank 7. Not that I have any faith in such lists, or such rankings.

    p.s. The Hoover Institution ranking of your site is simply wrong. It’s not what Technorati reports (or has ever reported). I have no explanation for that, other than conspiracy theories and allegations of bias. 188 – rather than 788 – is more likely for August, 2008.

  6. You’re a 10. And I’ll fight any man who says something different.

  7. You may be a big fish in a small pond, but I appear to be a paramecium!