I look at schools from both sides now …

Barack Obama is on both sides of key education issues, writes Greg Forster on Pajamas Media.

Suppose I told you Candidate A has supported rigorous academic standards, has stood up to the teachers’ unions — even been booed by them at their convention — and proclaimed the free-market principles that schools should compete for students and better teachers should get higher salaries. On the other hand, Candidate B says that competition hurts schools, that kids should be taught a radical left-wing civics curriculum, that we should throw more money at teachers’ unions — excuse me, at schools — and that rigorous academic standards should be replaced with the unions’ old lower-the-bar favorite, “portfolio assessment.”

Candidate A is Barack Obama. So is Candidate B.

On the Republican side, Sarah Palin’s pro-union and pro-spending actions as governor of Alaska don’t match her words as John McCain’s running mate. McCain is consistently pro-choice, writes Forster, but would he follow through as president?

The next president — Barack Obama or John McCain — will be a NCLB-boosting “education president” much like George W. Bush, predicts Jay Mathews of the Washington Post.

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