Halloween drawing scares teacher

Assigned to draw a scary Halloween mask in art class, a Georgia fifth-grader crafted a bloody vampire. He wrote “I Kill For Blood” next to the drawing. The art teacher liked it. The homeroom teacher reported it to the vice principal, who called in Campus Police, who required the boy to go through a psychological evaluation.

(The teacher) believed the blood looked a lot like gang-related teardrop tattoos, and she thought the words “I Kill For Blood” could be tied to an infamous Los Angeles street gang known as The Bloods.

Jordan’s mother, LaKisha Hood, was shocked to find that her son’s art lesson had evolved into a gang investigation.

“They told me the droplets could actually be a gang symbol for the number of people he killed,” she said.

The boy passed the evaluation — apparently he is not a serial killer — and is now back in school.

Via Detention Slip.

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  1. So will the homeroom teacher who sees threats and gang symbols in the art of little boys be getting a psychological evaluation? Seems like she might need one.

  2. The homeroom teacher seems to need an IQ test more than anything. Does she understand what the assignment was?

  3. mskiles314 says:

    If I’m the parent, I will tell Jordan to never, ever do another thing in art class.

  4. You gotta be kidding. I thing the VP of the school needs a bit of counseling to figure out why he’s such a useless “CYA” administrator

    P.S. (CYA: Cover Your ASS)

  5. When my son, who has an artistic bent, was in 7th grade he drew a picture of a knight with a sword while in English class (BTW – he is a compulsive drawer, indeed now in art school), his teacher saw the drawing and sent it to the Vice-Principal. Some classes later in the day he was called, via the school-wide intercom, to the VP’s office. Luckily, the VP realized that this was overkill and had a talk with my son about having to recognize that teachers may be sensitive about some things that are not really serious, so he should be more careful about what he draws in that class.

    Ironically, this was his English teacher who ended up being the best, most student friendly teacher he had in his last two years of middle school. Among other things, she could drill the class in grammar and have the kids enjoy it. Of course, now she has moved on to counseling, so she is now out of the pool of great teachers.

  6. Catch Thirty-Thr33 says:

    Makes me wonder what they would have done to me for my book covers during my senior year of high school. I would imagine a book cover with repeated quotations to songs such as Slayer’s “Kill Again” would have traumatized this teacher.

  7. I hate our culture. This goes on the ever growing list of reasons I homeschool my boys.