Globalizing math lessons

In making Two Million Minutes, a documentary comparing Indian, Chinese and American students, Bob Compton realized his teen-age daughters were three years behind their Indian counterparts in math. So he partnered with a friend to bring Indian-style math teaching to U.S. students through Indian Math Online.

“(Co-founder Suresh Murthy) grew up in India, and he worried about his daughters falling behind in the global competition to be educated for the 21st century,” Mr. Compton said.

. . . Indian Math Online gives students a diagnostic test for their grade level and then breaks down the results by topic area, such as factors or prime numbers. It sends parents a report showing the topics in which their children are strong and weak and sends students learning modules full of practice problems. It will soon add online chat and live tutoring from math teachers in India for an extra fee.

Two-thirds of users are children of Indian and Chinese parents. They use the site consistently, Compton said, “but American kids often lose interest after a couple months.”

I’ll rely on blogger math mavens to report on whether the site is useful.

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  1. Homeschooling Granny says:

    Thanks for the link. I’ll look into it and we may use it.