Bored boys

A majority of students in grades 6 through 12 say their teachers don’t care about their problems and feelings, according to Pearson Education’s My Voice survey. From The Gradebook:

While 43 percent of girls agreed that school is boring, 52 percent of boys did.  Ninety-one percent of girls agreed that going to college is important, while 82 percent of boys did.

Good grades are important to 84 percent of students. Yet 18 percent say they give up when they encounter difficult schoolwork.

Via Core Knowledge Blog.

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  1. Miller T. Smith says:

    Highly observant and wise boys…?

    I’m still reading about colleges becoming ‘pink ghettos’. More and more of my boys are entering tech schools of some type and avoiding college. They are making money almost as big as I make now after 20 years in less than two years.

  2. If you’re a white male and not gay, why would you want to go to an institution in which you’ve been demonized as being the oppressor of anyone who is not a white male heterosexual and the only person capable of being racist?

  3. what? it’s not statistically significant that 43% of girls think school is boring?

    considering the percentage of girls who thought it was impolite or wrong to say school is boring, the percentages are probably equal.

    the salient point seems to be that school bores roughly half of our students regardless of gender.