Bad teachers: The stripper and the killer

In Hungary, a teacher began a strip tease in front of teen-age students; when she unzipped her pants, another teacher threw a table cloth over her.  One of the students captured the strip show on a phone camera. The teacher was supposed to be supervising an end-of-term party. According to a parent:

“The children were playing truth or dare and making bigger and bigger dares for each other and she decided to join in.

“When they dared her to do some pole dancing she just started taking off her clothes. She’s a pretty woman in her 20s and the children couldn’t believe their luck.

The teacher will keep her job.

“I was forced to give the German teacher a warning, but I will not dismiss her because she is a valuable teacher for our institution,” said head Sandor Rozman.

He claimed she had shown no more flesh “than you would see on a beach.”

I bet attendance is not a problem in German class at that school.

A teacher in Egypt has been charged with killing a student who didn’t do his homework. The 23-year-old math teacher hit the boy and kicked him, police say.

Here in the U.S., bad teachers are less flamboyant, but a New York City teaching fellow  was fired for calling Bronx students “filthy animals” who belong in a “f—ing zoo.” Steven Clarke told another teacher: “My parents did not sacrifice for me to go to Cornell so I could take care of a bunch of animals.” And now he won’t have to.

Via Core Knowledge.

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  1. Amy in Texas says:

    I find it incredible that making a comment to another teacher – even a nasty one such as this- could get a teacher fired.
    We have teachers who call students profane manes to their face and only get mild reprimands.

  2. What race were the students? What race was the teacher? That’s probably the difference.

  3. Baton Rouge teacher says:

    As a new (and white) teacher at an inner-city school last year, I was shocked to hear some black teachers refer to their students this way. One teacher said, “that child ain’t nothin’ but a monkey,” to which another responded that “they need to send him right back to the jungle.”

    So, I too have to wonder about the race of the teacher and students. If they were of the same race, I’m not sure it would be a big deal.