'You Can Vote However You Like'

“You Can Vote However You Like” sing sixth- and seventh-graders from Ron Clark Academy, a private, non-profit school serving primarily low-income black students. The kids advocate voting and debate policies: Half back Obama and half argue for McCain. The song is a rewrite of a tune by a rapper called T.I. In a TV interview, the students seem sharper than the interviewer.

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  1. Andromeda says:

    Can I vote for the kids?

  2. I personally feel that this video epitomizes everything positive that needs to happen in our schools. Finding ways to engage students like this is a miracle. Let’s all take note.

    Hall Monitor

  3. I notice that this school has only been open since 2007. I wonder if that means that somebody else had already gotten discipline instilled in this kids or if these are just the “cream of the crop.” Either way, the ones who were interviewed are amazingly impressive and articulate.