U.S. urban students vs. the world in math

Students in some U.S. cities match international students in math, concludes an American Institutes for Research study which uses NAEP and TIMSS scores. From USA Today:

Fourth- and eighth-grade students in six U.S. cities — Austin, Boston, Charlotte, Houston, New York City and San Diego — actually hold their own against international competitors from Singapore, Japan, England and elsewhere.

But international students in many nations outperform students in five other U.S. cities: Cleveland, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles.

The AIR study also found that U.S. math achievement declines in middle school, while students in Asian countries continue to excel.

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  1. Frank Zavisca says:

    I have always been skeptical of these comparisons of US students with “International Students”.

    Both are ill defined:

    Students of various ethnic and exonomic strata cannot reasonably be expected to perform at equal levels.