Please, please, please vote for 'Barak'

Nineteen times — nine pieces of mail and 10 phone calls — the National Education Association has urged Josh Pullen to vote for Barack (or “Barak”) Obama for president, writes The Elementary Educator. Josh will not vote for Obama, because he is six years old and ACORN hasn’t registered him yet.

Via Matthew Tabor.

A New York county has mailed absentee ballots listing Barack “Osama” as a candidate for president. Spelling is not a trivial skill, after all.

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  1. Just the mouthpiece for the government schools doing the job it does so well. It does nothing to help educate kids but it is very good at indoctrinating them into left wing causes.

  2. Listening to teachers at work has caused me to all but give up hope that America will survive. The revolutionaries are winning. Start putting up the Obama statues. Change.

    The enemy is circling in the Caribbean.

    And then there’s McCain. Panting for praise from the NYTimes, as he always has.

  3. Oy. Obama is a real American. His detractors like anon and mlu are treasonous idiots. The hell with you. Please leave this country to those of us who actually care about it.

  4. Thank you Mike. Now scurry back under the bridge where you feel comfortable.

  5. There are hordes of Mikes. Caring. Defining “real” America. Eager to stomp on nonbelievers.

  6. Mrs. Lopez says:

    Mike’s unhinged drive-bys are my favorite part of JJ’s website.

  7. Mike is a voice crying in the wilderness, “Prepare the way of Obama and make his paths straight.” Let’s hope he doesn’t lose his head like John the Baptist did, although some of his posts make me think he already has.