No recess

Mimi’s students lost recess for a full week because they were “bad” in ways the recess supervisors could not explain.

… you’re punishing ME too. How do you expect them to sit and listen ALL DAY without any time to blow off some steam??? I’m not saying that they don’t misbehave, but COME ON!!! You squeeze 80 kids in a tiny gym with nothing to do and only two adults? What did you think was going to happen?)

And it gets better. During the WEEK that they/we are all being punished, they have to bring books with them. So they can read. As punishment. Reading as punishment.

Apparently, there is no appeal from the verdict of the recess supervisors.

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  1. Who or what is a “recess supervisor”, and how do they get to dictate what happens to a teacher’s class?

  2. Miller Smith says:

    How about just having reading day everyday? Tell the monitor (?) that you dont need them anymore and reading is what will happen from now on. Then make the point that the monitor’s job should be cut since reading is what you do now.

    That will get their attention!