Chalk graffiti

The “new face of vandalism” is cute, reports The Brooklyn Paper.

A 6-year-old Park Slope girl is facing a $300 fine from the city for doing what city kids have been doing for decades: drawing a pretty picture with common sidewalk chalk.

Obviously not all of Natalie Shea’s 10th Street neighbors thought her blue chalk splotch was her best work — a neighbor called 311 to report the “graffiti,” and the Department of Sanitation quickly sent a standard letter to Natalie’s mom, Jen Pepperman.

Natalie drew the abstract chalk work on her own front stoop.

Via The Unique Daily.

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  1. Wow…that’s…wow. Punishing a kid for drawing with sidewalk chalk? Which will wash off in the next rainstorm? (Or can be removed with a bucket of water and a stiff bristled brush).

    I understand the whole “broken windows” concept of fighting crime and generally support it, but this is going way too far.

    So I guess drawing hopscotch games on the sidewalk is out? (Do kids still PLAY hopscotch?)

  2. “You’ve got to NIP – IT – IN – THE – BUD !”

  3. A $300 fine? Seriously?

    If the authorities really had a problem with the sidewalk drawing being there, the solution is to require the family to clean it off.