Bloggers' Challenge: Help these teachers

I’ve signed up for the Bloggers’ Challenge at Donors Choose. Go here to find teachers who need funding to teach immigrant students about America, build smarter math students, buy books for a classroom library or pay for educational games.

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  1. Homeschooling Granny says:

    Why is this necessary? I read that we are spending an average of $12,000 per pupil per year. If that’s high, maybe it’s $10,000. That would provide $250,000 for a class of 25. Why isn’t this enough to pay a teacher and buy the basic equipment and supplies?
    This is not a snarky question. I realize that some of the money goes toward the cost of the room, heating and lighting, toward the costs of administrators, buses, etc. but those costs are spread across all the classrooms in the school. Where does the money go? Is it true that it is siphoned off into top heavy administration and salaries of people who never step into a classroom?
    Teachers are said to have powerful unions. I’ve read that the unions contribute heavily to political campaigns. But what are the unions doing about horrible teaching conditions as described on this blog?
    As a teacher, albeit at home, I have respect and fellow feeling for other teachers but before I will contribute, I need an accounting of where the dollars already committed for education are going.