Students to students

What do college students think about Ivy College or Affordable State U? Unigo prints reviews (and videos) by students who’ve been there and done that. The New York Times Magazine has a write-up on the start-up.

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  1. I think thats its a great idea, their user base is basically limited to 11th and 12th graders, unless they expand or offer something that is more for entertainment value that would keep kids who are already IN college coming back.

    With that said, college is one of the biggest investments people make in their kids or themselves. I think unigo has made a mistake by not trying to partner with universities in some way. At some point they will need that support if they want to become an authority…. But who knows.

  2. Catch Thirty-Thr33 says:

    Definitely, kids need to review their options. For one thing, I am stunned that more people don’t look at community college as a way of stretching their educational budgets. For the purposes of my degree, it wasn’t worth the extra cash to burn on core curriculum subjects when I knew I could pay nearly 75% less at a nearby community college with transfer agreements in place with many state and local universities for those same classes.

    I remember well, when I started out, that I would go to the bursar’s window and pay for 12 hours of college credit on a credit card, and then, taking full advantage of the 55 day grace period, stacked up the cash to pay it off on one full stroke. IIRC, back then the community college’s tuition for 12 hours was about $400, when it was close to $1500-$1600 at the university a eventually attended.