No lounging for teachers

At a Tennessee elementary school, the teachers’ lounge now houses a fitness center with two exercise bikes, a set of hand weights, and resistance bands.

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  1. Homeschooling Granny says:

    No lounge? So where can a new teacher go to chat daily with more experienced teachers about the challenges she faces?
    Clearly one obstacle to improving classroom teaching is the relative isolation in which teachers work, unable to observe how others handle situations. I understand that in Japan teachers have a room in which they make lessons plans while students play outside under the eye of playground supervisors. This allows teachers to pick each others brains and benefit from each others talents in a non-threatening environment.

  2. So are these pieces of fitness equipment IN ADDITION TO or IN PLACE OF traditional lounge accoutrements? It sounds like it’s “in addition to” to me.

    I don’t really have a problem with the addition of stationary bikes and such. And I tend to be suspicious/paranoid about “wellness initiatives” because all too often they morph into “let’s bully the fat ones until they either lose weight or quit.”

    I know people talk at the gym, I suppose teachers could talk side-by-side while biking.

  3. Michael Curtis says:

    At my school, we’d have to get rid of the copy machine, soda vendor, mail boxes, unvented kitchen appliances and a phalanx of computers/printers before we could even entertain the concept of a room called a “lounge.”

  4. Brandyjane says:

    I’m e-mailing this story to my headmaster. They won’t give me the treadmill desk, but maybe this could work.

  5. Where’d they hide the ashtrays?