No Child Left Behind is civil rights issue

Preserving the accountability provisions of No Child Left Behind is a civil rights issue, editorializes the New York Times. Civil rights groups have broken with the teachers’ unions to fight a House bill that would make NCLB even more toothless than it already is.

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  1. And here’s McCain’s wedge issue into the black voter block.

    Obama’s already tacitly acknowledged the vulnerability of black voters on the education issue with his trial balloons about charters and performance pay at his NEA endorsement speech.

    Now it’s up to McCain to force Obama to choose between the one group and the other.

  2. Andy Freeman says:

    There’s no question that Obama will go with the teachers unions.

    Blacks are about 10% of the electorate. The ones that vote, vote about 90% Dem.

    We’re going to see much higher than typical black turn-out this time and they’re almost all going to go Obama because “he’s black too” is why they’re voting this time. I’d guess that we’ll see 25-50% more.

    So, the only black votes that McCain can pick up are among those who have been voting Dem. If he picks up 25% of them (which would be outstanding), he’ll move to 3% of the “currently voting”. That’s less than the number of first time black voters.

    If Obama goes against teachers unions, they’ll swing more than 2% away from him. (Unions in general are probably most of dem support, and teachers are the biggest hitter, although probably not a majority by themselves.)

  3. I don’t think it’s as simple as that.

    In the 2000 there were several states in which the black vote was 90% for Gore and that was enough, just, to make Florida important. If the black vote had wavered even a couple of percentage points in any of those Bush would have won the election comfortably.

  4. Margo/Mom says:

    Pretty hard to see teachers unions going over to McCain.

  5. I’m sure the overlap between the readership of the NYT editorial page and the black electorate that’s going to be influenced by the NAACP will provide the margin that Cynthia McKinney needs to be elected POTUS.