Hollow man

For three years, students at a rural North Carolina high school have planned for college, encouraged by the promise of scholarships for all. But John Edwards has withdrawn financial support for College for Everyone, which “he once promised would be a model for the nation under an Edwards presidency, reports the News Observer.

Edwards’ foundation raised money to pay for the cost of one year’s tuition, fees and books at a public college.

Patrick Miller, Greene County school superintendent, said the Edwards program helped raise the college-application rate from about 26 percent several years ago to 94 percent this year.

Supporters say it was always meant to be a three-year pilot, an odd time frame for a program aimed at high school students. The kids who started ninth grade taking college-prep courses to earn the scholarship will discover that they’re on their own financially.

If Edwards had won the Democratic nomination, he’d still be talking about College for Everyone — and funding it. But now his backers are spending more than half the cost of a year’s scholarships for every Greene County grad to support Edwards’ mistress and baby in a $3 million mansion. Throw in the payoff for the alleged baby daddy and his wife and kids and . . . Well, they’re not living on macaroni and cheese.

I’d suspected Edwards was a phony who adopted populism as a campaign gimmick, not because he really cares about the poor and working class. It bothered me that he spent millions on a huge mansion and that he used his anti-poverty foundation to create jobs for his campaign staffers. I guess we’ll see whether he actually does anything to help the poor, now that his political ambitions are kaput.

It’s not the adultery, writes Roger Simon. It’s Edwards’ “callow hollowness” (or “callow hallowness”). Either one.

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  1. Sheesh, what a maroon. The program was only burning a couple hundred thousand per year, chump change for Edwards. Why not fund it for just one more year (giving some warning to those expecting the program to continue forever) and bow out gracefully?

    This makes him look incredibly petty, which is not attractive when combined with vain, sleazy and untrustworthy.

  2. If John Edwards had been elected President, he would have made Richard Nixon look good in comparison.

    The fact that he made it to the point of running for President, and then considered as a choice for Vice President, tells you something about our country today.

    It also makes you wonder what the politicians we DID elect have gotten away with that we just don’t know about (or may never know about).

  3. The fact that George Bush is now the president tells you a lot more about our country, and none of it’s good.

  4. Makes you wonder what’s going on in John McCain’s, Barack Obama’s, and Bob Barr’s lives that we don’t know about…

    Not to say that anyone running for office has to be a perfect human being; they’re as flawed as the rest of us, and should be understood to be so. But there are differences between just being “flawed” and being a “scumbag”…

  5. It’s not the adultery, writes Roger Simon.

    No, the adultery is okay. No problem with that. Everybody does it now, so we’ve removed it from the No-No List.

  6. Alice Finterhaven says:

    The difference between Edwards and Obama is that Obama hasn’t reached that point yet. Given who he’s married to, he’ll probably get there before long, though. Shallow men. Very shallow, like politicians who will say anything to get what they want.