Dress code violation

Larry King, a gay 15-year-old who wore make-up, jewelry and high-heeled boots with his middle-school uniform, was shot dead in his English class in February. The Oxnard, California boy had been coming on to a classmate, 14-year-old Brandon McInerny, who’s charged with the murder.

King’s parents have filed suit against school officials, charging they didn’t enforce the dress code and let the boy risk his life by displaying his homosexuality.

Assistant Principal Joy Epstein, the only person named in the complaint, is accused of encouraging the boy to wear “women’s clothing, shoes and makeup.” She created an environment of “perceived safety” for King when “in fact she could not and did not protect Larry from the threats and ultimate death,” the claim says.

King, adopted at the age of two, had been removed from his parents’ care and was living in a residential facility, which is being sued for sending the boy to E.O Green Middle School. McInerny comes from a troubled family with a history of violence.

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