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Sharp Brains his hosting a brain-based Carnival of Education.

Mister Teacher blogs on first-day jitters.

While discussing safety in science, one boy told me that you should wear safety goggles while “mixing potions” so they don’t splash into your eyes. I was so tempted to say, “50 points for Slytherin!!”

While discussing a word problem that required subtraction to find a solution, potions boy also told me that he thought we should add on that problem because, “adding is good, and sometimes subtracting is not good.”

I’ve found that to be true.

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  1. I would so totally, completely, love to have my students sorted into “houses” where I could add points to the house for someone doing something well, or take away points for someone doing something boneheaded.

    In my experience that kind of peer pressure (“Hey, Blake, don’t mix those chemicals! She’ll take points away from us!”) almost works better than the “Hey, Blake, don’t mix those chemicals because it’s dangerous to do so” warnings.

  2. Well, I’ve done the whole “table” instead of “house” thing. Table 1 gets points for being prepared first, table 3 loses points because they’re all talking, etc. I just wish the magic was there for me to just speak the words, “5 points for table 1!” and have it happen instead of having to always walk over to the board or the tally location and write them up there myself…