Bus radio hath charms . . .

Middle-school students are acting up less on the bus in Clarksville, Tennessee since “bus radio” was installed.

In just two weeks of school, (driver Jeff) Holt said he can see “a calming and soothing effect on the kids.”

. . . Not only are the students “bustin’ a move,” head-bopping and swaying to the tunes, but they stay in their seats, Holt said. If they get out of their seats, they lose the privilege of listening to the programming.

The music played is considered suitable for children.

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  1. Nels Nelson says:

    Just like in the adult world: wherever you go there’s some crappy music playing that makes it too loud to carry on a conversation. The kids can’t argue if they can’t hear each other. Brilliant.

    Advertising? Good heavens, no! Just Hannah Montana…