Where are the female physics profs?

In Intellectual Dishonesty on Sex Bias?, NY Timesman John Tierney continues the debate, started here, on whether women are underrepresented in the physical sciences and engineering due to choice or discrimination. (Also see my post, Title Nining Science.)

Tierney points out that today’s full professors were hired decades ago, when very few women were earning doctorates. Thanks to tenure and federal age discrimination laws, old profs can’t be forced to retire and make way for younger and more diverse PhDs.

Given the slow turnover of faculty and its bad effect on opportunities for young female (and male) scientists, should advocates for more women in science be trying to eliminate tenure? (Some Title Niners have advocated its abolition.)

The comments are unusually intelligent.

Let women choose non-STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) careers, writes Carrie Lukas of Independent Women’s Forum.

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  1. Ragnarok says:

    I thought this comment was right on target:

    “These are anti-social fields. I can tell you as a female nerd — normal women are social, and normal women will never do physics. Only nerd women are going to do physics, and nerd women are more born than made.

    Normal women don’t even LIKE nerd women. I was socially excluded by other girls when I was growing up because I was a nerd.”

    Of course there was also the flabby response from a feminist fellow-traveller:

    “Our treatment of woman in science is just a simple disgrace. Not a complicated one, just a simple one.”

    When I was doing Physics, there were damn’ few women in my class, and it had nothing to do with bias. Most women I knew didn’t want to do physics. Same with CS.