In-service training is the theme of this week’s Carnival of Education, hosted by the sardonic Mamacita at Scheiss Weekly. She was forced to screen out entries from people selling products, including essays and term papers.

However, it was the repeated entries with links to places where a student might purchase essays, term papers, and the like, that really made me mad. I think I got almost a dozen entries, all under a different name, for a UK-based pre-written-paper mill. These are disgusting businesses, and they encourage our students to become thieves, because plagiarism is stealing, just as taking money out of the till is stealing. Shame on this business.

I’m not sure which makes me madder: that this business tried to con me into putting it on a list of genuine educational links, or that it thought I would fall for it!

Guess again, ya crooks.

There are lots of good entries by legitimate bloggers. Check it out.

Over at the Daily Planet, the Carnival of Homeschooling is going to the ice cream parlor.

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