Bullies brag online

Fight videos — often showing a group of teens beating a victim — are being posted online at YouTube and MySpace. It’s a hideous fad. From the Christian Science Monitor:

The hundreds of thousands of fight videos online, running the gamut from fake fights to bullying to gang warfare, have parents, educators, and lawmakers around the world grasping for solutions. They want popular social-networking websites to do more to block or remove such content. Some places in the US and abroad are even criminalizing “cyberbullying” and the recording and posting of violent acts.

The ensuing debates raise age-old issues of free speech versus safety. Those on the safety side say the matter is urgent because the videos seem to inspire copycat acts. They also raise concerns that the broadcasting of such fights intensifies the humiliating effects of bullying.

I’d certainly like to see a campaign to ensure that the “fighters” are identified and prosecuted for assault and battery.

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  1. So kids commit a felony, and post proof of their crime on You-tube? If only there were some government agency to arrest criminals…